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Get The Best Grades With The Least Amount Of Effort - eBook

A worldwide bestseller, this unassuming ebook is #1 on ClickBank and has been translated in 4 languages reflecting its wide appeal to grade & high school as well as college & university students – including Ph.D. students across all disciplines from engineering to medicine, law and social sciences. The reason it's popular is because the strategies are simple and easy to use and
produce quick results – usually on the next test or exam.


Audio Book

Get The Best Grades With The Least Amount Of Effort  - Audio Book Version

This audio book is the ideal supplement to the print and electronic editions BECAUSE it combines the auditory modality of sound to the visual image of the printed page. An audio book is also beneficial because of the practicality and convenience of listening to it while you go to and from school or work, making the most of otherwise ‘lost’ time. Since a 30 minute commute is equivalent to an entire semester’s course, this is a must-have for students who want to save time and get better grades – FAST!


Speed Learning Video Program

Accelerated Learning Strategies are sometimes difficult to communicate in print. This video program goes beyond my "Get The Best Grades With The Least Amount Of Effort" ebook to show real-life case studies and examples that will help you see first-hand how the strategies are deployed.


Speed Reading Video Program

Learning to speed read is the single most valuable skill you can learn. Nothing even comes close. This video program is GUARANTEED to double your reading speed in one hour. Just imagine how your life would change if you could read 2, 3, 4 or even 5 or 6 times faster… You would have so much more free time to review stuff you find hard to learn. But here's the thing most students don't know: The faster you read, the more you can remember for longer! Even though it's counterintuitive, it's been proven and you'll agree as soon as you get your hands on the program!


How To MindMap To Get Better Grades Video Program

Who would have thought that learning to MindMap and draw can help you get better grades? But it's true. By creating memorable images, your brain's visual cortex can easily recall your class notes when they are drawn in a MindMap so you can remember more important facts, details and dates when it counts - on your next test or exam. This 2-hour video program uses time-lapse photography to show you how professional artist and MindMapper Paul Telling does it, step-bystep so it's as easy to learn as paint-by-numbers.


Study MasterMind Program

Once you've learned and used my accelerated learning techniques and strategies, your Next Best Step™ is to leverage others to help you get to the top of the class. The MasterMind Group concept is not new, but my program is – it's the first (to my knowledge) that takes one of the most powerful principles applied in corporate boardrooms to the classroom. It helps you get beyond time-wasting study groups leveraging other students who know what you need to learn so you can acquire the knowledge more quickly.